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What Causes Cavities and Tooth Loss?

A cavity or tooth decay is caused from the bacteria that lives in dental plaque.

What Causes a Cavity?

It eats the sugar from our diet and produces acid. The acid begins to weaken and demineralize the tooth enamel. Eventually the acid breaks through the enamel and the bacteria begin to multiply and expand deeper into the tooth. People often feel no pain until the decay has reached near the nerve in the center of the tooth. The tooth cannot repair itself once this occurs. Your dentist will try to find cavities at your check up when they are small, remove the decay, and repair the tooth. Regular brushing and flossing and fluoride help to strengthen the enamel and reduce the occurrence of dental decay.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

The most common causes of tooth loss is tooth decay and periodontal disease, which affects the gums and bone structure that supports the teeth. Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth loss for children, while periodontal disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adult.

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