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General Dentistry

Carrington Dental Centre helps families in the West Kelowna community maintain healthy smiles, with our comprehensive range of general dentistry services.

  • Root Canals

    Occasionally, the nerve or pulp within the tooth can become infected, and root canals must be performed to preserve the tooth.
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  • Fillings

    Fillings are used to prevent further decay when cavities are present in a tooth.
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  • Sensitive Teeth Treatments

    Sometimes the gum tissue can be eroded away from the tooth exposing a small portion of the root of the tooth. At times this can be very painful and even equivalent to a “tooth ache”.
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  • West Kelowna Children's Dental Services

    At Carrington Dental Centre, we know that good health starts in childhood. This is why our staff wants to make your child's first oral health appointment a positive experience. We want to set up your child for a life of health and smiles.
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  • Mouth Guards

    At Carrington Dental Centre in West Kelowna, we offer a range of mouth guards to help protect your teeth from damage including sports guards and night guards.
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  • Emergencies in West Kelowna

    Our goal is to allow time in our schedule every day to accommodate those unfortunate emergencies that may arise.
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  • Tooth Extractions in West Kelowna

    At Carrington Dental Centre, we offer extraction services to remove teeth when required.
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