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West Kelowna Children's Dental Services

At Carrington Dental Centre, we know that good health starts in childhood. This is why our staff wants to make your child's first oral health appointment a positive experience. We want to set up your child for a life of health and smiles. 

Your Child's First Visit

We know that some children need more help and time than others to get comfortable at their dentist appointment. Our staff are comfortable explaining procedures to children during their appointment. Even before your child sits in the dentist chair, our team will spend time showing them around the office and exploring our equipment.

After a tour of our building, your child will have his or her teeth cleaned. If they are still anxious about the teeth cleaning, we can always reschedule to better fit their comfort levels. We want to work together with parents to make sure that your children are well informed and prepared for their appointment. We can give you tips on how to make oral health care part of their everyday lives, so a visit to the dentist isn't so scary.

If you sense your child is experiencing anxiety, you can tell them these few things that might put them at ease:

  • the dentist will brush your teeth
  • the dentist will not hurt you and if he/she does, tell the dentist
  • the dentist will tell you how many teeth you have

At Carrington Dental Centre we feel that your child's first dentist appointment is an important part of their health, growth and development. We want to make you and your child's experience a pleasant one.

Children's Dental Services

At Carrington Dental Centre, we offer the following services for your child:

Custom made sports and mouth guards

Read more about custom-made sports and mouth guards on our Mouth Guards page.

Space maintainers

Space maintainers are used for early orthodontic intervention

Thumb sucking/habit-breaking appliances

We help your child overcome behaviours that could be potentially dangerous to their overall oral health.

Oral Hygiene Education:

We teach every child how to take care of their teeth by demonstrating tooth brushing and flossing techniques and discussing their diet and sugar intake.  

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